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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Business English: Basics von The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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This course aims to improve your Business English language skills by developing your vocabulary and reading skills and your understanding of tone, style and knowledge of communication methods. We'll also cover how these language skills can enhance audience analysis, business case analysis and basic business communication strategies. Skills learned in this course will often be referred to and needed to complete the speaking, writing and cross-cultural communications courses of this Specialization. After completing this course, you will be able to: - describe things and events in the context of Business English - make requests in the context of Business English - support arguments in the context of Business English - use appropriate tone and style according to the context of Business English - conduct an audience analysis - match audience with the purpose and medium of communication - analyse and summarise business data...



22. Apr. 2020

it's one of the most effective courses I have ever take. The material is well structured and the tutors are perfect. everyone can get benifits from this course no matter what their English level is.


16. Sep. 2021

This is the great course if you would like to improve your English, you can refresh and use English better. Please try to learn and you will know that you use something wrong for English.

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von maria l

25. Aug. 2019

very boring way of teaching, you feel like they read their speech somewhere in front of them,

the lady's videos you barely can hear her.

please check and update your course instead of charging people so much money for boring and not motivating education.

and please do not waste your money here.

von Kristiyan Z

31. Aug. 2021

Very poor quality of the videos. I mean poor.... Also, the information is too basic. I felt like wasting my time. This is more like English classes for A2 level with business context. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade his English skills.

von Carlos C

17. Aug. 2020

The audio is very poor, some of them were impossible to listen

von Dr. E J F

23. Juli 2020

Very poor assesment mode used, especially in the 6th week.

von Jan U

2. Apr. 2022

In short, I am going to say that I have been comfortable studying this course. It has not been easy; I mean, I has been the most difficult course I have been made regarding about english affairs, but, It means that I have learned a huge of new things towards business vocabulary and behaviour within business atmosphere. Thanks Coursera!!!

von Gediminas B

27. Aug. 2020

It`s a great course for non-native English speakers to learn and get more information about English written and spoken language use from business perspective. This course also includes examples of business English, providing important critical and logical thinking skills.

von Juan R S l

29. Sep. 2020

It is a magnificent course.

Initially it looks simple, but as you progress through each module, its level goes up a lot. Which is very important, to learn and reason much more about the correct use of grammar and communication in all its forms.

von Ussaneeporn N

17. Sep. 2021

This is the great course if you would like to improve your English, you can refresh and use English better. Please try to learn and you will know that you use something wrong for English.

von David Y J B

10. Jan. 2021

There is not word to explain how this course helped me to enhance my english knowledge. Also give effective tools to help me to udnerstand and support in the meantime I developing it.

von Maribel D C G V

19. Okt. 2020

A really good course to introduce you to Bussines english, I really enjoyed all of this course. I highly recommend the experience!!

von Paola A G A

18. Jan. 2021

It's a great course that helps you to improve your reading and wirtting skils in a business environment.


28. Nov. 2020

this course help me to speak with the correct tone and expand my vocabulary for professional setting

von Karla L G

10. März 2022

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be in thes course where a lot has been learned

von Daniele C

28. Apr. 2022

a very iteresting course. it learn to being more aware and compliance with the schedule

von Henry A G R

20. Sep. 2020

I am happy because I have been able to practice listening to the videos of each week.


9. Nov. 2020

All the teachers were prepared and engaging in the topics. Very interesting topoics.

von Radulescu R C

3. Sep. 2020

This course helped me to understand how to speak correctly in different situations.

von Diana F P C

22. Sep. 2020

There was a very good experience in order to strengthen my Basic English abilities

von Swapnil S N

2. Mai 2021

That course which identify How to use the basic business English in daily life

von Sebastian A

1. Nov. 2020

A very good course to start negotiations and business in English worldwide.

von Dhabya M A H ( R - R A H

7. Nov. 2021

useful course to employees who use English language in the workplace

von Pirzhanova A

7. Feb. 2021

курсы мне дали возможность повысить свой уровень английского языка.

von P.Vignani I B

30. Sep. 2020

It was interesting as well as subject oriented. Thank you!

von Bahriye B

21. Dez. 2020

it was a really fun and instructive course thank you


23. Okt. 2021

Getting your certificate is easier and fasterfaster