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This course gives you an introduction to the fundamentals of solar power as it applies to solar panel system installations. You will learn to compare solar energy to other energy resources and explain how solar panels, or photovoltaics (PV for short), convert sunlight to electricity. You will be able to identify the key components needed in a basic photovoltaic (solar panel) system, such as is found on a house or building, and explain the function of each component in the system. You will also learn how to calculate the electrical demand of a building, how to reduce the overall demand, and then how to design a solar panel system that can meet that annual demand at a given location. You will also compare the different types of pricing models that are being used and key regulatory considerations for grid tied systems (where a house or building is connected to the electrical grid and also generates electricity from solar panels). A capstone design project that entails both the simple audit of a building to determine demand, and a selection of components to design a solar panel system to meet that demand....



17. Juni 2020

I would like to thank you and your team for this great course, I'm really appreciated, it was very helpful as starting in this field, and I will be the first one who will take all your next courses


3. Mai 2021

Good course. Some downloadable presentation slides would have been helpful to seal the learning. Otherwise, I learned a lot and have a much better understanding of solar energy and it's potential.

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von Stephanie M A

5. Nov. 2020

For a first year college student, this course is well-versed and is very easy to understand! I didn't find it difficult to study this. I have learned a lot in this course and developed my interest solar as renewable energy source. I might pursue this in the future!

von Gökhan S

26. Juni 2022

I feel pretty appreciated to be finishing this course. I wanna thank the Professor Neal Abrahams for giving us this outstanding course which will be very useful for electrical engineers like us. I hope this course will give a start in my career of solar energy.

von Joel H

11. Mai 2020

es un muy buen curso con muchos datos técnicos y casos reales que ayudan a comprender mejor el sistema, yo trabajo diseñando sistemas solares y este curso esta genial para principiantes y para los que ya conocen el tema pero quieren reforzar sus conocimientos.

von Mariló R J

23. Apr. 2021

Un curso muy completo y muy bien explicado acerca del funcionamiento de la energía solar fotovoltaica. Con ejercicios relativamente sencillos pero que te ayudan a entender mejor cómo se diseña una instalación y cómo se determina el recurso solar en cada zona.


19. Okt. 2020

Well designed course which keeps hold of the students' interest & attention throughout the course. All the assignments were easy and relevant. The final project too was well designed to cover all the aspects of the course in a practical manner.

von Daniel T

22. Dez. 2020

Excellent course to understand the fundamentals of the renewable energy, photovoltaics and how the design a solar array system. Ideal for those interested in a career in solar energy and for those who are just starting out their careers.

von Vagner T

14. Apr. 2021

This course brings me an awesome experience. It made me improve my knowledges and come back more recognized on job market again. The content is great and also the professor! Thanks to coursera and SUNY for this perfect course.

von Craig P

1. März 2021

This course did what is said it would. I had little to no experience with Solar and this course gave me the basic knowledge I was looking for in determining if this was a subject I wanted to learn more about, which indeed I do!

von Kalpeshkumar C

28. März 2022

This course is very useful for electrical professionals and all intersteed candidates who learn solar energy basics. Course take you from basic to size calculation and covers all related aspects of PV system size calcualtions.

von Michael m

22. Mai 2022

it xasnywasn't an east ecoeeidbcdexperience all along but the coirsecourse idis wwoeth ecerytgubgeverything... It leansmeans a lot to me. ImI'm happy iI finisjedfinished... ImI'm lookibhlooking forwards fof yhfthe next obfone

von Daniele ( V

14. Juli 2022

July 2022 review

E​xcellent course. Thanks to Prof.Neal Abrahams and the State University of New York, this has been a great introduction to the Solar Energy and Photovoltaic world. Highly recommended.



von Gabrielle M

20. Dez. 2021

I LOVED IT!!! Really taught me a lot about how to size a PV system for my home!!! It helped to take classroom Physics from my degree into a simulated "real world" scenario! Throughly Enjoyed the Capstone Project.

von Mateo G A

11. Sep. 2021

E​xcellent course, the perfect balance between videos and practical excersice. Prof. Neal Abrams is a great lecturer. I r​eally encourage people who want to take a inshight of the topic to enroll in this course.

von Vishwaa P

2. Sep. 2021

Great course, got many practical and commercial aspects of Solar System, curriculum is easy to follow. The thing, how to identify whether it is mono or poly crystalline is really nice and easy to follow.


16. Mai 2021

Gran curso muy util para comprender el diseño de sistemas fotovoltaicos. Agradezco mucho las video clases con temas muy bien explicados para los que estamos iniciando en este campo de la Energía Solar

von Eduardo L

5. Okt. 2020

Aprendi mucho en este curso. Los videos explicativos del profesor hacen que todo sea de facil entendimiento. El conocimiento adquirido he podido aplicarlo en mi actual area de trabajo. Muy recomendado

von Guillaume V

6. Juni 2022

Very interesting and synthetic lesson on solar energy basic especially week 1 and 2. I understood clearly the concept of power sizing. The language is clear and the exemples are easy to understand.

von Jitendra D

5. Okt. 2020

Its very informative course about SOLAR Energy & Fundamentals of PV system Designing .

It will surly help in future for advance PV System designing .

Also I wish to work in Renewable Energy Sector.

von George H

13. Feb. 2021

This course is great. The course is well structured and covers the important points of a PV system. Moreover, this course serves as a cornerstone for anyone interested to know about PV systems.

von Arvind P

29. Mai 2021

Solar Energy Basics is really Simple and informative course for beginner. I am thankful to Prof. Neal for wonderful explanation each and every point related to it.

Arvind Pande (india)

von StevoA99

3. März 2022

Very well made with alot of informations and I feel like I learned alot and can now do alot more in that field based off of this one course alone. I will definitely take more courses.

von Ricardo C

19. Apr. 2021

In my opinion, the course is quite balanced and effectively allows you to acquire good basic Knowledge about photovoltaic Solar Energy. Congratulations on the initiative and sharing.

von Raymond M

18. Jan. 2021

Thew Solar Energy Basics course is exceptional. Both the content and presentation were spot on for my needs. Dr. Abrams - Thanks for the benefit of your knowledge. Ray Morris

von Akash N

25. Juni 2021

An A+ course for beginners in the field of PV, the course explained all the key points in the most simple and concise way possible. I would definitely recommended this course.


13. Nov. 2021

really enjoyed the training, it was tasking and challenging but well equipped. I am glad that I was able to run the training. Thanks to Dr. Nel Abrams and the entire cousera