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An ambitious vision for the future of your organisation isn’t enough – how do you communicate this vision to get your colleagues on board? The ability to effectively communicate and persuade others is a key leadership skill. Traditional and common-sense models of communication and persuasion often fail to capture the complex nature of ‘influencing’. Via structured learning activities (video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts and written assessments) this course will develop your capacity to communicate appropriately in different situational and cultural contexts, making you a highly influential leader....



22. Jan. 2021

I have really enjoyed learning this course, and professors made it so easy for me to understand the concept. As I was proceeding with the course, I applied some of the ideas and guess what? It worked


12. Juli 2020

It's a course that sum up the most important skills you need to learn for your professional life. Amazing material and subject conducted in a very fun and appealing way. Thanks for both instructors.

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von Yu X N

25. Juli 2020

After completing this course, I feel much more prepared for the presentations that I will be having next week and in the future. Thank you truly, Mr Lawrence and Ms Arabella, for all the help you've provided me. It is greatly appreciated and I hope to join another course conducted by both of you in the future :)

von Irene Y

23. Sep. 2019

Excellent course!! Filled with practical, useful advice, theory and examples which helped demonstrate the usage of skills and theories. This course is very relevant to modern business environments. Communications, influencing and story telling skills are core to any role at any level. Loved it! Thank you.

von Kazuhiko K

6. Jan. 2021

Finished this 6-weeks course for just 1, 5 days since it was so fun and enjoyable.

I can warmly recommend this course for all who want to communicate with impact!

Next step would be to present myself and share feedbacks with peers.

I would appreciate any suggestions for such a course or opportunity.

von Jerby L

23. Okt. 2020

What an awesome course! I learned a lot and the teachers apply the tips in their own way of communication which made them more engaging, convincing and mesmerizing. Planning to go through the course again after some time to get a refresher. It was such an enjoyable experience as well!

von Adie, A A

28. Jan. 2021

At the beginning, this course was one of my least favorite cause of the long minutes but when I concentrated fully on the course, I loved it. All thanks to Prof. Lawrence Ang and Prof. Arabella Macpherson for their detailed lecture. This course was worth my time. Thank you so much.

von Rafael D C

30. Sep. 2020

Great course, I'm a college student, and im applying the knowledge from this course mainly to network with important teachers to get job vacancies, and research grants. Got 2 research grants since i've finished the course, and now probably a opportunity of international degree.

von Bernard D V

24. März 2020

A course full of nice examples, sometimes really simple. The course is well researched and full of food for thought. Definitevely some useful and concrete guidelines. I feel like the two last weeks were losing in intensity but this complete course is really worthwhile

von Tofail A

21. Sep. 2019

Just love the course and approach of teaching. Storytelling and influencing: Communicate with impact is a very interesting! It increase inspiration and influence to reach the goals easily. I feel thankful to have this access from the expert instructor and professor.

von Terry T

11. März 2021

I enjoyed this Course so much. It has been my greatest favorite Course in my Coursera journey. A very well done to Arabella and Lawrence for the well thought out outlines and presentation. It was indeed a very FUN, yet so relevant in today's connected globe.

von Rahman H

24. Aug. 2020

It's not short but everything that been shared with us is relatable to our journey to influence people. The next step for us is to reflect and implement. I recommend this training for those of you who want to improve your communication skills and knowledge.

von Marta A

9. Juli 2020

The course is very much aimed to sales people, while I was more interested in a general perspective of making presentations within my organisation and when going for job interviews. But the tips are applicable anyway and I have learned interesting things.

von Dheeraj A

18. Mai 2022

The course is excellent . Once i started it i was going with the flow. Often i feel there are barrage of questions fired at you and you are supposed to know the correct answer to each of them .I believe i may utilise the learning to handle these better.

von Tmn T

30. Mai 2021

It was wonderful experince for me. It includes many answers about your presentation questions and lots of tricks on persuasion and influence while communicating. Many thanks to tutors and those who support me with financial aid to enroll this course.

von Alexander U

21. Nov. 2021

It was a great journey with a lot of examples and technics to apply. It was very clear and concise, however the main important is practice. I would add more practical exercises and feedback in that course to ensure technics are used in proper way.

von Manjinder S

30. Juli 2021

It's a course that sum up the most important skills you need to learn for your professional life. Amazing material and subject conducted in a very fun and appealing way. Thanks to instructors for such through insights and quality material .

von Alexsandra H

5. Apr. 2021

Loved this course Arabella and Lawrence were great teachers. The course was well structured, the learnings layered to build on what was completed previously and the time to complete each lesson was easy to fit in at the end of the day.

von John C V

26. Nov. 2021

It's a great honor to learn and be part of this course. How it is structured, the way it is presented, and supplementary readings are included to fulfill the curiosity and interest. It is a great opportunity to finish this course.

von Christian G

8. Feb. 2020

It was a great learning experience with many take aways easy to adopt and translate in my daily routines with individuals and groups. I see it beneficial in a professional context and the day to day life. Thanks a lot to you both.

von Shanaka W

6. Nov. 2020

Well structured. Covered most of the theoretical aspects and related to current context with valuable examples. Delivery was very powerful and interesting. A BIG THANK YOU to two lecturers who made this program very interesting.


13. Aug. 2020

This course is very interesting and useful. It has really good and dynamic resources. Arabella and Lawrance explain the concepts and the theory very clearly, but they also use examples which are fun and for an everyday use.

von Tanvir T

21. Mai 2020

It was a great journey throughout the course.The instructors were great and lively.They were able to present this complex matter as simply as possible.This is a course worth trying and a skill that everyone needs to achieve.

von Sarah K

26. März 2022

Lots of good points to refresh and apply to practical situation, well structured and easy to follow the run down. The hosts are professional, lots of smiles and very present to listen of their conversation and sharing.


1. Nov. 2020

The lessons were very informative, attractive and easily understood. I would be much grateful to the lecturers and all the supporting staff for their endless efforts to make this course a success. Thank you very much.

von Edgar I V G

27. März 2021

There is no words to describe how powerful and helpful is this course. Storytelling, public speaking and persuasion are topics that I had studied a lot, but this is one of the best courses that I had seen about it.

von Qing L

29. Aug. 2021

It is a well-structured and well-taught class with mastery integration of theories, principles, and examples. I benefit enormously and I am exciting to use the knowledge I learn to my daily communications.