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The practice of investment management has been transformed in recent years by computational methods. This course provides an introduction to the underlying science, with the aim of giving you a thorough understanding of that scientific basis. However, instead of merely explaining the science, we help you build on that foundation in a practical manner, with an emphasis on the hands-on implementation of those ideas in the Python programming language. This course is the first in a four course specialization in Data Science and Machine Learning in Asset Management but can be taken independently. In this course, we cover the basics of Investment Science, and we'll build practical implementations of each of the concepts along the way. We'll start with the very basics of risk and return and quickly progress to cover a range of topics including several Nobel Prize winning concepts. We'll cover some of the most popular practical techniques in modern, state of the art investment management and portfolio construction. As we cover the theory and math in lecture videos, we'll also implement the concepts in Python, and you'll be able to code along with us so that you have a deep and practical understanding of how those methods work. By the time you are done, not only will you have a foundational understanding of modern computational methods in investment management, you'll have practical mastery in the implementation of those methods....



May 27, 2020

Enjoyable course. One has to be conversant with basic Phyton to follow this course. What I learnt the most is the ability to use Phyton coding to demonstrate the concept of portfolio investment.


Mar 08, 2020

One of the most hardcore, challenging but knowledge-harvesting courses that I ever had.\n\nHighly recommend, and you will be better off if you type in all codes VJ did simultaneously.

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von Alexander D

Jan 26, 2020

Great course all-around. Extensive materials in both the theory and praxis. I really liked the code-along lab sessions (which are 100% bug free) and the exams, as those require you to actually perform calculations instead of just reciting parts of the classwork.

This course teaches a lot more than any other MOOC I have taken thus far on coursera.

von Sahil S

Jun 20, 2020

Very good course. Good mix of lectures and lab sessions. Despite having programmed in python and using numpy and pandas in the past, I learned a lot in the lab sessions and really enjoyed the hands on nature of them. I learned ideas that I feel I can actually use for my personal financial planning. Highly recommend doing this course!

von Judy N

May 24, 2020

I have been doing portfolio risk analysis using GNU R and have been looking for a good introduction to Python. The covered Python content is a great introduction to portfolio construction and analysis tools. Also the balance with the lectures is good. Looking forward to the advanced topics in the next module.

von Munawar D

May 30, 2020

Lionel step by step explanations makes it easy to follow and understand the main idea of the course even though the complexity increased towards the end. With Vijay's guide on analysis with Python, the course is easier to understand. The use of Python makes it easier to create many scenarios.

von Hoel E S

Apr 19, 2020

Very well explained, especially for me who was completely novice to Python.

I also came to love the accent of my fellow citizen sir Martellini. Overall, it gives a very good insight over the topic and I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to better understand finance.

von Abusufyan I M

Apr 07, 2020

The course exceeded all my expectations. My profound gratitude to both instructors for democratizing education. Only through such platforms can students of knowledge acquire the best and most contemporary knowledge in their fields of interest. Thank you Coursera, for making it possible.

von Jiang X

Jun 06, 2020

Plenty of concepts that can help the beginner-intermediate finance professional. Lab sessions were great at developing python and finance skills. Use of python was very adequate for calculations that are tedious (e.g. Monte Carlo analyses or duration calculations).

von Alexander K

Nov 17, 2019

Finally i was able to replace my 12-tab excel with a jupyter notebook and a!

I recommend going through this course while using your own broker's APIs to get the most out of it. Looking forward to more papers and advanced lectures ahead!

von Ahmed R

Jun 04, 2020

I have a PhD in nuclear physics and exactly in astroparticle physics and I found this course fantastic. I enjoyed every video from both professors. Thank you really for this opportunity to improve my skills in quantitative finance.

von Giulio F

Jun 26, 2020

Very well structured course, guides you towards a more comprehensive understanding of both python and financial markets. Vijay is an outstanding instructor and gives you plenty little tricks useful to be a "pythonish" programmer

von Jasper J

Apr 17, 2020

Awesome! Totally worth the money without a question! I had no previous programming experience and this course gave me the tools to analyse my portfolio and come up with better strategies than before, all with the help of Python!

von Brian H

Jan 22, 2020

Thanks to the instructors! While Lionel introduced the financial theory in a comprehensible way, Vijay's lab laid the fundaments for an even deeper understanding. I really enjoyed how the coding matched the financial theories.

von Veysel E T

Jun 25, 2020

Amazing course to learn modern portfolio theories along with Python skills. No previous experience needed in Python however it is easier to understand if you have a financial background on topics around portfolio management.

von Adrián C

May 06, 2020

This course is the best value for money. I was able to put what I learned into practice from the very first week. I have been able to automate many of the daily BAU processes of my job thanks to the valuable skills gained.

von Roozbeh G

Dec 04, 2019

What started as an effort to learn about investment, turned out to be the best Python lesson I had ever received. The long lab sessions taught me how to build a tool from scratch, during which I learned many Python tricks.

von Moreno C

May 16, 2020

Excellent course.

A perfect blend of theory (lectures) and practice (Python Labs).

In order to take full advantage of the course, it is desirable to have a previous knowledge of Python and of modern financial theory.

von Harsh S

Nov 27, 2019

This course was absolutely spectacular! Kudos the team at EDHEC Risk Institute! It's one of the best courses I've done so far. The best part is the blend of theory and application to real-life data on Python.

von Shivani A

Apr 03, 2020

The course is really nice and builds strong fundamentals for asset management using Python. I found the lectures and lab sessions full of new concepts. For me the week 4 of the course was a bit challenging.

von Nipun A

Jun 26, 2020

The course is organized really well. It takes you through important concepts; from the basics to more advanced with time, which is accompanied by lab sessions where you practice and see results yourself.

von tanish k s

May 03, 2020

very good explaination and implementation on python of each and every concept of portfolio construction.

i have tried different courses but this one is the best among all present in the market right now.

von David C P

Apr 27, 2020

Martellini and Vaidyanathan are awesome. i'd like it more if they would point to optional readings that explain the math behind some stuff (e.g.: CIR bond pricing equation).

Looking forward to mooc 2

von David M L H

May 27, 2020

Enjoyable course. One has to be conversant with basic Phyton to follow this course. What I learnt the most is the ability to use Phyton coding to demonstrate the concept of portfolio investment.

von Kazuto A

May 17, 2020

Excellent course. A lot of Python programming practice. Although I am a beginner for any code writing, these lectures are well structured to take me toward the most sophisticated codings.

von Ioannis K

Mar 07, 2020

One of the best online courses I have ever taken. Combines very efficiently theory and practice. I highly recommend it and I will continue with the other courses of the specialization.

von Aditya G

May 05, 2020

The course was very informative and added a lot of learning and the instructors made navigating the whole syllabus very simple, even for a novice programmer and finance student