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Gain an understanding of search engine algorithms and how they affect organic search results and websites. Building on this knowledge, you’ll learn the key elements for creating an effective SEO strategy, including how to select keywords and perform keyword research; consumer psychology and search behavior; and how to conduct on-page SEO analysis to identify opportunities to improve a website’s search optimization....
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30. Juni 2017

This is not a trivial subject. Nevertheless, I feel completely confident in my newfound knowledge of it. Not only that, but I am very motivated to keep going with the rest of the specialization now.


9. Juni 2018

this is amazing SEO course . i am first time learning about SEO . its really informative and help me to improve my skill. i really thanks to coursera to give this opportunity to learn this course.

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von Gayatri H

20. Mai 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. A balanced mix of theory and hands-on learning through exercises on-the-go, peer reviews and assignments. Comprehensive and up-to-date information. Thank you for a well-designed course!

von Sasha M

20. März 2019

A very nice course. Explains the aspects of SEO which serve as the basis of a proper site audit in bery friendly but at the same time comrehensive manner. Looking forward to the more advanced courses by UC Davis.

von Muhammad A Y

10. Juni 2018

this is amazing SEO course . i am first time learning about SEO . its really informative and help me to improve my skill. i really thanks to coursera to give this opportunity to learn this course.

von Nhu Q ( T

31. Dez. 2022

This course gives an excellent introduction to different aspects of SEO. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learn \ing about SEO, but not sure which part to specialize in.

von Romit N

30. Mai 2020

this is the best SEO course available on the web. very detailed & thorough. specific instructions. i will recommend it to everyone who is seeking a career in the SEO field

von Munazza C

3. Mai 2020

it was really very informational and knowledge enriched course... love the way of tutor with which she delivers and access learner's knowledge. would love to learn more...

von Priscilla S

8. Sep. 2017

Another hit. Lessons are parceled out well so that it is easy to learn but then reinforced extremely well so that the participants leave with a firm grasp on the concepts.

von Michael T

24. Apr. 2019

The Course was great, so easy to understand and straight to the point. The topics are a must for those who want to understand how Google Search Ranking works. 5 stars!

von Sana H

17. Feb. 2019

Excellent Course. Insightful as always and simple to understand.

von jerome

2. Nov. 2018

Great and easy to understand

von Rifqi M

12. Okt. 2022

still using the old web as teaching material

von simona s

30. Nov. 2020

There is definitely a lack of tutors, which becomes essential when carrying out the mandatory tasks and to clarify any doubts. The link to the teacher (paradoxically) reports a 404 error (object of study of a lesson). It would also be honest to communicate the year of production of the course (which I have not found). The topics are treated with extreme simplicity: it is perfect for those who are beginners and want to extricate themselves from the tide of information now available on the topic.

von Jayshal S

29. Sep. 2019

I feel that some more resources would have helped. For instance, useful sites to get SEO information, page ranking etc.

von Nikkala V

9. Nov. 2016

I found the assignment quite difficult as I felt that what we were asked to do was not possible. At least not with Accuracy. No matter how many web pages I tried to analyse and with how many different free tools I seemed to come up with the same 2 issues.....if the page was performing badly (which was the type of page we were recommended to choose) there was not enough traffic to it to gather any information/demographics. However even when I chose a popular page I was unable to obtain the requested information because it was not my website so I was not entitled to view this information - again returning zero results. So I am a little confused as to how we are expected to answer (truthfully?!) questions such as:

Who are the main visitors? Where are they from? Where did you obtain this information?


von Federico C

19. Juli 2019

The reading material is not in the course. You should buy a book.

von Aleksandra S

12. Mai 2016

Good content, but blocked quizes in free version is bad idea.

von Kylie W

6. Okt. 2021

Hands Down the best course I have ever done.

The pace was perfect. I never got bored (it happens) Sometimes its just too long or too much waffle.

And as I was going through the content, I would have a question in my mind and what-do-you-know? That was the next thing covered!

This course is packed with actual practical information that I have put into practice alrady. . Thank you so much.

Also the presenter has a lovely voice. Worth mentioning ;)

von Mauricio R Z

11. Okt. 2022

Really deep and complete about all the pillars of SEO: On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. Every single detail was covered, and also an extra lesson about keyword analysis. It's a great course to learn the fundamental topics to optimize a website for Google SEO, and with the previous course about all the Google Search Algorithm, we'll be more than ready for the next course of hands on real optimization.

von JT

18. Juni 2017

Excellent course - presentation of material was well paced and more than enough details and depth provided to give the student the information and resources necessary to learn optimally.

The instructor(s) and generally this course took a deeper dive into tools and techniques for SEO for prep, planning, analysis and review.

I highly recommend this course for beginners, intermediates, and any aspiring SEOs.

von Anil K

14. März 2018

Builds a strong case for learning SEO by providing real life examples. The assignment provides opportunities to use them and further refine each piece learned here. The course presentation is excellent with really good graphics and well planned content. Some of the tools used in here might not be freely available, but many can be used for trial period or with limited content/features.

von Jonathan V

28. Juni 2016

Challenging, thorough and engaging. Repetitive in a good way, by gently going back over content you almost learn by default. The quizzes are professionally prepared and sometimes tough to pass! This is good as you are obliged to think hard, even go back through materials or ask others for advice until the knowledge sticks. Highly recommended and of great practical value.

von Yazdani C

6. Aug. 2020

It was an awesome course. I have learned a lot of things from this course, and now I feel the urge to enroll in the upcoming course as I have gained more interest in this field.

Thanks to the course mentor Ms. Rebekah May and all those who are working behind the scene for presenting such a wonderful course. I hope I will be more pleased in the upcoming course as well.

von Deepak R

30. Juni 2022

As the name suggests this course helped me to understand the complete fundamentals of SEO. Now i can be able to analyze the website and advise relevant keyword choices, optimisation changes, and analyise the website using webmaster tools. The content in this course is taught in a easy and best possiblle way which made me wanting to learn more about it.


14. Aug. 2022

Very informative, at first it was slightly difficult to grasp everything all at once. I did noted down on my notebook to review everything periodically after few lectures, it did help me a lot!. I am very satisfied with content and delivery method. Finished the while 1 month course in 7 days. Thank you Ms. Rebekah May

von Ajithkumar D

5. Okt. 2019

The structure and conduct of the course is commendable. It will surely enable the learner to go forward to learn and practice more to become a successful SEO strategist. I really thank the faculty and classmates for the wonderful learning environment and experience. Looking forward to team up again for good. Thanks